SAHARA it really happened
An unforgetable experience of historical military equipment and weaponry

25. - 28.august 2011

SAHARA – The biggest and most considerable meeting of historical military vehicles and military heritage clubs in Slovakia.

SAHARA gives you the unique opportunity to witness and admire more than 100 military vehicles of different types, brands and periods of origin as well as the amazingly acurate and detailed displays of actual battles and combats from the WW2 using a large number of soldiers, ground machinery, aerial combats and pyrotechnics. During the brakes you will get the chance to get a close look at the variety of the original army lagers and encampments (German, Soviet, Czechoslovakian, American, English.).

SAHARA offers military machinery to the younger generations as well. You can meet a variety of criminalistic experts from the Slovak Police Department and displays of modern military equipment of the Military Technical and Testing Institute placed in the wonderfull surrounding of the Military Technical and Testing Institute – Záhorie, which is unique in middle Europe, as it resembles a desert.

This area has been used as a facility for military equipment testing and research for a long time. In WW2 the German Wehrmacht took advantage of this unique natural surrounding to prepare their army and equipment for the conditions of Africa. It is this exceptional terrain that made us name this wonderfull happening – SAHARA. It is beeing held with a great deal of success on the occasion of the Slovak National Uprising and this year it will be held from 26.8 to 28.8. 2011.

SAHARA is the place to be for all owners, enthusiasts and fans of military veterans, that can actually test their equipment under extreme conditions. The participants compete against each other in many categories according to the equipment they are using. Each competition is honored with an award. The competing machinery will origin from the whole world and will include wheeled technology, tracked technology and special technilogies from the WW2 together with modern vehicles.

SAHARA is ment for military history clubs which represent their activities in period camps and actual WW2 combat re-enactments.


SAHARA is endorsed by:
I.P.R. SLOVAKIA s.r.o.
Ministry of defence of the Slovak republic
Military Technical and Testing Institute - Záhorie
Criminalistic Department of the Slovak Police force
Slovak Club of Military History Vehicles SAHARA
Veterans Club of Military Cars and Armored vehicles
Military History Club CARPATHIA
      Military History Club SLOVENSKO